About Us

Global visionary in the dissemination of diverse human capital and organizational development strategies, 21st century education solutions, entrepreneurship and mentoring resources that drive personal and organizational success!

The Montage Companies is an international group of diversity, education and technology consulting entities serving corporate, educational and government clients. At Montage, we make people better! Better in their personal lives, their professional lives and in their communities! We accomplish this through the design and delivery of engaging, thoughtful, training and coaching around cultural competence and unconscious bias. We are viciously committed to equity and social justice and demonstrate our commitment through our 'actions of caring!'

With a keen focus on global supplier diversity needs in our areas of expertise, Montage helps organizations and institutions create competitive advantage while driving economic development across the globe.

Every day we ask ourselves a simple question, ‘what truly drives our operation here at Montage?’ The answer is always consistent and undoubtable; Our People!

Please, come and get to know us!

Mr. Stephan R. Reeves