Our Partners

Accelerate Education

Accelerate Education provides Online Courses, Credit Recovery Courses, Independent Study Courses, Blended Learning Objects, Digital Curriculum, Mobility Enabled Systems and Tools to increase educational opportunities and achievement to students and teachers in grades K-12.

School District of Philadelphia

For over six years, Montage has worked closely with the School District of Philadelphia in several capacities including helping them to implement their W/MBE programs and compliance process. In both instructional and non-instructional areas, we have been able to help the district drive high student achievement through the delivery of technology based professional development, and Parental Involvement services. 


Since 2007, TutaPoint has provided expert online tutoring in math, science and world languages. In addition to TutaPoint tutoring services, they also provide exceptional supplemental education materials including videos and online STEM based resources

United Bank of Philadelphia

United Bank of Philadelphia has been a financial support and a measure of growth for Montage for the past four years. With well positioned financial instruments, United Bank of Philadelphia has created a constant pipeline of funds for assisting us to execute on growth strategies and new initiatives.