Diversity & Inclusion in SmartCities

Dense Networks has partnered with Montage Diversity Consultants to enable organizations focused on developing products and services for smart city technologies to engage in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to help drive core business strategy.

Smart Cities will be diverse! With a majority minority population living in densely populated Smart Cities by 2043, it will be imperative to have equitable delivery of services to all citizens in order to sustain the growth of smart cities. Dense Networks recognizes the importance of Diversity ad Inclusion in smart cities, both in the development and implementation/delivery of goods and services.

Together, Montage Diversity and Dense Networks will help to design and implement D&I strategies that will align with your organizational goals helping to drive revenues, community engagement and success for all living and working in Smart Cities!



- Diversity and Inclusion in the Smart City 

- Introduction to Dense Networks

- Applying Dense Networks for Competitive Advantage

- Wireless Boot Camp

- Planning for Disruption


K-12 STEM-Focus on Technology

- Public Private Partnerships

- Blended and personalized learning

- Education Platform Development

- ED/Tech Curriculum for IoT based solutions

- Systems, processes and partnerships that drive student success in STEM


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