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  •  Diversity Assessments
  •  Strategic Diversity Planning
  •  W/MBE Compliance
  •  Cultural Diversity Training
  •  Supplier Diversity Consulting
  •  Human Resource Support Services
  •  Human Resource Consulting

  • Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Consulting services are designed to help organizations transform! D&I is a change management initiative and it should be approached as such. As a result of this philosophy, Montage Diversity aligns our consultants with your organization’s leadership to ensure that the vision, mission and goals of the organization are in line with D&I consulting and training initiatives. Once we have identified D&I consulting goals, and process, only then can we engage in planning specific Diversity Training programming. Our overall goal is to ensure that each person in the organization is connected, empowered to be a catalyst in the process.