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  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training has become an important way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to an inclusive work environment. D&I training Helps to get all employees, from the CEO to part time and contract workers (and everyone in between), on the same page, speaking the same language and holding firm to the core beliefs of the organization. Our Montage diversity trainers are skilled facilitators, with years of experience, who value people and the contributions they make to your organization. We understand the challenges around ROI on diversity training initiatives and will explore options for highlighting how your particular D&I training initiative enhance the organizations bottom and top line objectives. We aim to ensure that a ‘perfect’ match is made between your organization and one of our outstanding D&I Trainer/facilitators.


     Montage follows this basic outline for training, but ultimately provides a
    customized approach to each organization. 



    Reinforcing Awareness Building

    • • Review organization’s diversity statistics, programs, and policies
    • • Facilitate discussion of participants’ diversity stories

    Diversity Mission Statements

    • • Build diversity mission statements
    • • Discuss how participants’ diversity mission statements are tied to the organization’s diversity mission

    Report Out and Take-Always

    • • Discuss lessons learned
    • • Discuss on-going leadership engagement

    Montage's custom diversity training workshops are designed to address specific issues facing your business or institution. At the core, our trainings help individuals to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their worldview, while allowing them to explore and share differences. It is difficult work. Each workshop is led by skilled facilitators who are cognizant of the difficulty of the process and thus work diligently to ensure that all participants feel safe and open to express feelings in a safe environment. Our Workshops include but are not limited to:

    • Cultural Competence
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Diversity Awareness