Human Resource Consulting

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  •  Diversity Assessments
  •  Strategic Diversity Planning
  •  W/MBE Compliance
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  •  Human Resource Consulting

  • Human Resources continue to be a crucial element to the success of any organization. How well employees communicate with the organization and how well the organization communicates with its employees, is often a clear indicator of organizational success. Montage understands that people drive success. This is why we provide Human Resource related services that empower employees and organizations alike. Consequently, our services allow our clients to maximize employee productivity and employee satisfaction while focusing on the core competence of their business or institution. Montage Diversity Consultants assist companies in effectively managing their employee relations by providing the following services.

    Human Resource Support Services

    • Streamlining the hiring process
    • Automated Time Tracking
    • Payroll and Benefits Administration
    • Government Forms Processing (W2, W4, I-9, 1099)
    • Staffing (Retained and Contingency)